Brian Rigby

We sadly have to report the recent death of our Wyre Archaeology Chairperson, Brian Rigby.

Long-term WA members will remember Brian, who joined us in 2009 and became an enthusiastic digger, ably assisted by his ‘super trowel’ - a fairly large gardener’s tool rather than the standard 4.5 inch archaeologist’s trowel.

brian rigby

Above: Brian and ‘Supertrowel’ in action at Hollowforth Mill, May 2017.

Brian’s archaeological campaign honours include Frank’s Roman Garden in Kirkham, Bourne Hill, Hollowforth Mill and the Roman road digs at Slyne, Bowgreave, Bilsborrow, Matshead and, most recently, the possible Roman road at Cabus.

brian cabus

Brian’s greatest ambition in archaeological terms was to prove that the final great Battle of Brunanburh fought by King Æthelstan against a coalition of Hiberno-Norse, Strathclyde British and Scots in 937AD actually took place close to Brindle near Chorley. Local tradition and a stained-glass window in the village’s Cavendish Arms pub support this theory. If, and when, covid abates, we will drink to his memory in the Cavendish Arms and argue about the site of the battle.

Brian was working on a talk to be given on the subject at Garstang Historical Society in 2022.

cavendish arms


Brian’s loyalty, enthuiasm and commitment to Wyre Archaeology led him to become Chairperson in April 2017.