Diabetes Charity

Simon, our cycling treasurer, has decided to set off on a 600 mile trip round Scotland, part of which involves a ride up what some describe as the best climb in the UK, the notorious Bealach na Bà, which climbs over 2,000 ft in just 6 miles. He is not known for his climbing abilities on a bike, and will be handicapped further by having to carry all he needs for the 2 weeks of the ride.
He is going to use the ride as a means of raising money for Diabetes UK: he's diabetic and one of his fiends has just lost 3 toes as a result of borderline age related diabetes. Hopefully the contributions will help the charity find a way of dealing with the many complications it causes.
As a side line, if you would like to give an estimated time for his ascent of the Bealach in hours minutes and seconds, he will be carrying a bottle of whisky round on his trip and presenting it to the person who makes the closest guess of his ascent time. Guesses can be made by email or by posting on the JustGiving website.


2018 BIG DIG currently in planning. Probably we'll aim for 27 to 30 July,