OS Maps

Bourne Hill and Hall

These are fragments of the 2500 and 10000 series. Permission to reproduce these images has been given by Lancashire Records Office. Original maps can be found there.



One area of interest historically, is Skippool. Over the years it has been suggested that it could be Portus Setantiorum so it is an area that warrants investigation.

This tithe map is of the area in the 1840's. The area circled show the dam/weir used to control the water for the mill.

Looking at the first OS maps of the area we have.

The area around Skippool has long been an important sanctuary on the Wyre.  Metal detecting on the western side of the river, to the north of Skippool, has uncovered a number of coins which range in date from early Roman to modern times.

Tithe Maps

Bourne Hill and Hall

Unfortunately none of the tithe maps go as far as the Bourne Hill area.

Danes Pad

Many thanks go to Lancashire Records Office (now Lancashire Archives) for permission to use these images.

Taking the suggested OS Danes Pad route as a starting point, the maps below have been taken from various tithe maps of the area. Most Tithe maps are not orientated N/S and some of the images have become a little mixed up. If you feel that the caption to images are wrong please contact the webmaster. At some stage I will Photoshop the Danes Pad route over the top of the Tithe Maps.

Little and Great Plumpton. The proposed Preston and Wyre Railway is shown on the top-right of the image. The putative Danes Pad was supposed to go between Grreat Plumpton and the railway.

Moving north the Pad went to the East of Weeton. All three maps (including to the East) are shown for completeness.

Moving further North

Moving onto the Hardhorn with Newton area we have:-



The first three maps go from East to West. The last one is centred on St Michaels church and is to the North of the centre. By clicking on the image a higher resolution image is produced. Press ESC to return to this page.


Most of the maps published here are with the permission of Lancashire Archives and should not be used for commercial purposes.

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