About Us

We're a keen group of amateur archaeologists based in the Wyre & Fylde area of Lancashire. Unlike most amateur groups we focus on fieldwork. Over the last 11 years we've excavated Roman sites, a possible Iron Age settlement, the driveway of a 17th century cottage and a possible mediaeval water mill.

Our digs take place usually at weekends although we do occasionally have additional weekday digs and we organise a Big Dig each year that takes place over a few days. You don't need any prior experience - and if you're a student considering a Degree in Archaeology, you'll find working with us can be a great addition to your Personal Statement. Cambridge and Durham Universities have accepted some of our former diggers for undergraduate courses.

We take Site Health & Safety very seriously and all members are covered by our insurance on all our digs. We liaise closely with professionals in archaeology, the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Finds Liaison Officer, other knowledgeable amateurs and we're Affiliate Members of the Council for British Archaeology.


We welcome anyone with an interest in Archaeology whatever level of knowledge or skill. Our membership year runs from April to March and costs £12 or £18 for couples. Student Membership is free. Potential members may attend 2 meetings without charge. We also have Associate Membership costing £5 for which you may join in digs and keep in touch via our bi-monthly newsletter.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. You'll always find a warm welcome.

Some of our finds are exhibited in the museum at Farmers Parr's.

Excavation at Hollowforth Mill,  2015