Roman Ribchester

At the May meeting, Duncan Sayer and Jim Morris from the University of Central Lancaster gave an excellent on their ongoing excavation in Ribchester.  For the last 3 years, staff, students and volunteers have spent 4 weeks uncovering this Roman site.  It seems that an original, wooden fort was built around 75AD, then replaced with a stone one around 125AD.  Prior to this dig it was thought that the fort was abandoned by 350AD but there are indications that aspects of the fort continued after the Roman withdrawal from Britain.

Year 1

Clear the top-soil.  Try to orient the site with previous digs.  Uncover entrance stone.

Year 2

Continue taking down the layers

Year 3

Indications of metal working - probably the gilding of small items.

More excavations took place in the summer of 2019 - which was probably the last year.