Over the years collections of articles, booklets and books have been gathered together and released freely for others to use.

Danes' pad - a Roman road to nowhere

One of our late members, Ted Lightbown, wrote a booklet on the putative Roman Road into the Fylde known as the Danes' Pad.  A pdf copy of "Danes' pad - a Roman road to nowhere" can be downloaded here or individual sections in web page form can viewed by clicking here.


Pennystone Rock & Singleton Thorp

Another of Ted's articles is also concerned other disputed features; "".  Again, the research is exemplary. Click here.

Several years ago Wyre Archaeology visited the putative Singleton Thorp site.  Click here to see our, less than scientific, findings.


Preston and the Northwest:  300 years ago: Survey of roads, towns and people

In 1952 a bundle of papers were discovered at Townley Hall.  Amongst these papers were "strip maps" showing parts of Lancashire in the 17th century.  Many historians/authors have examined these maps trying to date them and to discover the mapmaker.  Lancashire Archives attributes them Dr. Richard Kuerden and Bill Shannon, in his "Seventeenth-Century Restored: Life and work of Dr Richard Kuerden" agrees.  Geoffrey Binns' research came up with another possible mapmaker, Gregory King, and produced a booklet giving arguments in his favour.  The booklet was never completed in his lifetime but most of the extant document can be viewed here


Cragg Family Diaries

The Cragg family of Wyredale were great diarists.  Often a member of the family started a diary only for it to be completed by another.  Click here. to see the diaries.

Placenames of Amounderness

DWH December 2022 produced a brief summary, with examples, of the origin of various placenames in Amounderness. Click here to view the article 

Pilling Historical Society Diary

In 1995 Pilling Historical Society investigated a possible Roman road between Wardleys and Nateby. Click here to view the article