Carmel to Cart Lane via Wraysholme Tower - distance 3.7 miles LRO ref DDX 194/33

The surveyors walked 2.5 furlongs to Headless Cross before starting to record on their dimensurator. The name of this hamlet is interesting because the cross, probably an ancient boundary marker, had lost its upper half before the hamlet was given a name. The photograph shows it fully restored with the new head on top of the old.

The first branch was a “little lane only into Grounds” but the next at half a mile had a note saying “Brisco Lane which we measured down when we came from Cart Lane ye first day wee came over ye sands”. (See Route No 6) Carrying on for another mile across the Flookborough road came Winder Moor Common followed by Rasam tower [Wraysholme]. This fortified farm has a pele tower which is now showing distinct signs of old age. The farmer allowed the author to climb to the top of the tower at his own risk and it was very risky.

The dimensurator was set to zero and the measuring continued along “a pryvate way” to “wike crick”.[creek] The path from this place was on the sands with a wall alongside all the way to Kents bank. At Kirk Head end by Wike Creek were three houses and only seven at Kents Bank about one mile from Wraysholme Tower. This was the starting place for the journey across the sands to Hest Bank

The measuring continued up Carters Lane lined with shrubs and small trees to the junction with Cart Lane and there it stopped.