Map of coastline from Grange to Sand Gate Via Humphrey Head

LRO ref DDX 194/49

Reference points A, B, C, D, E & F, were fixed by triangulation and measure, with straight lines between each point. The distances of the coastline to the straight lines, called offsets, were measured. This allowed the coastline to be accurately drawn at a later date.

Remember this was 1685 when William Moorcroft and Rt. Alleson lived at Grange and Will Barrow lived at Boar Bank. The Holy Well was on Humphrey Head not far from Higham End. Thomas Yates Lived at Ravens Winder and his neighbour was Thomas Fletcher at “Channell Winder”. Next came Gullingham Marsh “but within the high water mark 1.5 furlongs long and 6 poles wide” now called Low Marsh. “Lenna Breck”and Sand Gate Lane end came between two reference points E & F.