LRO ref DDX 194/32

Cartmel, Flookborough, Cark and Sandgate - Distance 4 miles

This unusual route went from Cartmel directly to “Flowkborough” via Birkby Green then back up Station Road to Cark and, on what is now a track unsuitable for vehicles, to Sand Gate Lane end.

Starting this time at “Cartmell Crosse” over the stream passed the church then the branch to “Cart Lane or ye Grang” and on to “Head les X”. The branch roads here led to Newton [High Newton} and Templand. Half a mile further by taking the left fork to Birkby Green at Will Wain’s house four dwellings were passed. The first was at 220 yards, the second at 424 yards, the third at 523 yards and the fourth at 853 yards. There are houses on these same locations today. Next came Mr Fletcher’s of “Berkbey” [Birkby Hall] set back one furlong off the lane.

The way came to open ground after “Berkbey Green” at the crossways the route went straight ahead for half a mile to “Flowkborough”. Back at the crossways was a short branch to the right as far as the river Eea at 400 yards. The notes read “to ye bridge 4 Arches Called Rostall [Rosthwaite] 2f : 31p to ye road at Just: Alleyson’s [Justice Rawlinson’s] gate”.

The route went on to the “Flowkborough” market street by the cross, the lane to Windermoor Common and the Chapel turning right again after 200 yards, up Station Road to Cark. At the river Eea at half a mile the way passed the ford and the two arched bridge leading to “Hooker”[Holker]. The way then turned southwest to Sand Gate Lane end at 1.25 miles from “Flowkborough”

At the beginning of the nineteenth century a small cotton mill was located at Cark on the river Eea, driven by a water wheel. A short time later a Boulton and Watt beam engine was added to supplement the water wheel. The coal for the boiler was brought by sea from Whitehaven to Flookborough. Alas no trace remains!