Inglewhite to Garstang Via Beacon Fell - distance 9.5 miles

LRO ref DDX 194/27

The splendid sandstone market cross in the centre of Inglewhite village has a six tread hexagonal base surmounted by a hexagonal chamfered block into which is set an octagonal column bearing the date 1675 with the letters HCIW. These letters may refer to Justice Warren, the lord of the manor, but more likely stand for High Cross Ingle White. The cross had only been standing ten years when the surveyors arrived. Whilst the sketch of the cross strikes a similarity, it may be diagrammatic as are the representations of some of the houses and churches.

Leaving “Inglewhite In Goosener”, opposite the house of Thomas Cross they walked on Button Street. No trace of the water driven bone mill remains where buttons were made. A lane to the left, by the extant high shrub hedge, led “to Sr Edmond Asksques” [Askew’s]

About a mile up the lane they took a right turn towards Whitechapel and then a left path to Oakenhead the home of Mr Heal. Out on the lane again 3 Furlongs to the right they were by Thos Beeslar’s house followed by Chris Green’s at Wood Fold, set back from the lane 25 poles. i.e. 137.5 yards. After walking up the fell side to 2 : 2 : 25 they left the lane and walked up to the summit of Beacon Fell at 2 : 4 : 34. They noted two untenanted cottages owned by Alexander Rigby of Longley Hall. Back down to the lane again they measured round the hilltop, in an anticlockwise direction, passing the lanes to “Clithero” and Chipping also the dwellings of Hen Briars, Rob Clarkson, Rt Oxenhouse, Widow Turner and John “Threpha”[Threlfall]. Most of these houses had gone by the time of the Tithe Map Survey c1840.

The lane down to Brock stream had a branch to Brock cottage and “to ye Brooks” (possibly Woodtop Farm). The way went through the ford and up the steep bank, across open country for one mile. Will Braston’s pasture came next by the lane leading to James Corran’s and John Cartman’s. Mrs Fogg’s (still known as Foggs farm) followed opposite “Clighton Moor” and the lane to “clighton hall”.

Finally after two miles of unfenced lane, at 6 : 4 : 10 and passing John Aichardson’s abode the way was tree lined as it approached a stone bridge over “Carther Flu” [Calder]. The lane then had many bends and branches leading to Barnacre before “Wedacre Manner” then south of “Greena Castle”[Greenhalgh] over the river “Wire”[Wyre] to the market cross in Garstang.