ref F (Sand Gate) to ref O (Frith Hall)

LRO ref DDX 194/48

Going up the coast from Sand Gate with many readings of angles and distances to ref. G. Then there was Highfield End, Hagg Nook, Gothershead Hill, Gothershead Gate, Wathum Moss Gate at ref H. Following on was Barkers Moss Gate, Barkers Kirk, Coney Head Hill, Barker Park, Ravensa Barrow opposite the rocks at ref I then along to Kepside Nook at ref K. Around the headland at Ewnew came reference L and Park Gate at ref M Passing Barker Marsh came Frith Hall just beyond ref N. Finally before leaving the page at Skellett Hill were “Hassle Lands” (Hazelhurst), Little Arhead and Linn Pool offshore.